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LandingZone Dock Pro MacBook Pro 13" Retina

LandingZONE DOCK is an adaptive and simple to use secure docking station for the Macbook Pro® with Retina display. You can return from working outside with your computer and simply snap it into the LandingZone on your desk and enjoy the benefits of an executive desktop system.

Your Macbook Pro with Retina display soon will be a whole lot more functional with this powerful docking station. Turn your MacBook Pro into a corporate desktop system. No need to plug in cables each time you connect. Leave your cables plugged in. This quick loading DOCK brings you, a powered 5-port USB hub and Gigabit Ethernet, an audio port, an HDMI port, plus a Security Slot. This device works with the 15-inch or 13-inch MacBook Pro® with Retina display models (Model A1398, or A1425 and A1502).

• Sleek & lightweight
• Single step docking & undocking
• Makes your Macbook Pro adaptable
• Brings Ethernet functionality to your desktop
• Hook up speakers or headphones where you work
• Supports an HDMI monitor or any HDMI screen.
• Use with Macbook Pro’s lid opened or closed
• Connect a monitor, hard drive, printer, CD/DVD drive, smart phone, tablet, etc.
• Use at home, office, or while you travel
- Kensington® Security Slot

Apple Mac Book Pro RETINA models

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