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Datorer - Begagnat (före Intel) - PowerBook 170

PowerBook 170

Trasig trackpad, ADB-mus ingår istället. Både batteri och Power adapter Z922-0043 saknas.
Minst system 7.1 Enabler 111 eller 131. Max Mac OS 7.6.1
Released in October 1992, the PowerBook 180 replaced the 170 at the top of the line. It sported the same external monitor capacity as the cheaper 160, But was faster and had a FPU. The 180 cost $4,110 U.S. and was discontinued in May of 1994. It was joined in June 1993 by the 180c which included an active-matrix 256 color screen (a first for PowerBooks) and cost $4,160 U.S. The 180c was discontinued in March 1994.

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Begagnad 4MB RAM 40MB HD diskett Defekt: se notering (AL14902PMPKA) [M5409] 1250 (1000 utan moms) SEK
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