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Nätverk & kommunikation - Trådlöst 802.11x - Apple Airport card

Apple Airport card

This is an Apple Airport Wireless Networking Card that allows for a wireless internet connection. Works in any Airport-ready powerbook or iBook. This does not work in the Lombard G3 or Wallstreet G3. (A wireless base station or router is required in addition to the card to enable airport networking.)
Apple has discontinued this product, and these cards are increasingly more difficult to find. These cards in stock and used pulls from working machines and come with our standard one year warranty.
Compatible With:

Powerbook G3 Pismo
Powerbook G4 Titanium (all models)
iBook G3 White Ice (all models)
iBook Clamshell


802.11b 11Mb/s, begagnat (Z661-3045) [661-2549] 1243 (995 utan moms) SEK
3 i butik