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Datorer - Begagnat (före Intel) - Macintosh SE 2x 800k DiskDrive, 40GB HD

Macintosh SE 2x 800k DiskDrive, 40GB HD

Released at the same time as the Mac II, (March, 1987) the Mac SE further addressed the issue of expansion. It came in a new platinum case, had an expansion slot, and included a bay for either a second internal floppy drive, or an internal hard drive. The Mac SE was also one of the first Macs to include an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), which allowed for up to 16 input devices. It sold for $2,898 for a dual floppy configuration. In August 1989, The SE was replaced by the SE FDHD. Thanks to Eric Rasmussen For OS info.

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Begagnad 4MB RAM inkl tangentbord & mus (M5010) [C8470CYM5010] 5000 (4000 utan moms) SEK
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