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OWC Aura Pro NT MacBook Pro 13" non-Touchbar 2016 & 2017

THE CAPACITY TO DO MORE. Your MacBook Pro’s factory SSD has served you well. But today’s apps and OS updates require more install space. Video and photo resolutions are increasing, making files bigger. By the time you toss in your music, emails, and other aspects of daily digital life, your driv... [Läs mer]

1TB för lägst Mac OS X 10.13 (OWCS3DAP4NT10K) [OWCS3DAP4NT10K] 2995 (2396 utan moms) SEK
5 i distanslager
2TB för lägst Mac OS X 10.13 (OWCS3DAP4NT20K) [OWCS3DAP4NT20K] 4995 (3996 utan moms) SEK
2 i distanslager
480GB för lägst Mac OS X 10.13 (OWCS3DAP4NT05K) [OWCS3DAP4NT05K] 1995 (1596 utan moms) SEK
3 i distanslager