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Zyxel NR5101 5G Indoor Router

Med stöd för den senaste mobila generationen 5G samt den purfärska WiFi-standarden WiFi 6 ger Zyxel NR5101 exceptionell prestanda. Vad sägs om upp till 5 gigabit per sekund via 5G-nätet, eller upp till 1.8 gigabit per sekund via WiFi?. Multifunktionsrouter . Zyxel NR5101 är inte bara ett 5G-mo... [Läs mer]

2x Lan, 4G & 5G, 2x antennuttag (NR5101-EU01V1F) [ZY1496] 8198 (6559 utan moms) SEK
2 i distanslager
Zyxel NR2101 5G Portable Router

Reach new markets with 5G NR FWA . To make the most of the latest services and cutting-edge apps, today's subscribers are expecting robust bandwidth and very low latency. However, homes and businesses in suburban or rural areas can be underserved or very limited in terms of reliable broadband connec... [Läs mer]

2x Lan, 4G & 5G, 2x antennuttag (NR2101-EUZNV1F) [5412582] 7493 (5994 utan moms) SEK
12 i distanslager