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Tillbehör - Tangentbord & mus - LMP NexGen Numeriskt Tangentbord WKP-803

LMP NexGen Numeriskt Tangentbord WKP-803

Compact block number in the MacBook Pro design with 21 keys (numbers, arithmetic operations including the "=" sign, clear, Tab, Delete, Delete backward and forward). Thanks to Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 chipset is the NexGen keypad with all Bluetooth-enabled Mac compatible, either Mac OS or Windows OS, which itself can be fully used "=". Thanks to its aluminum surface and the black keys the LMP NexGen keypad fits perfectly with any MacBook Pro and facilitates entering numbers into spreadsheets, online banking, accounting software, etc. The work is also thanks to the buttons tab, delete, forward with the NexGen keypad and deleting backwards simplified .

21 keys (incl. Tab, Delete backwards, Delete forward)
black keys white writing (analog MacBook Pro keybord)
no Hot Keys
Aluminium top
Broadcom 3.0 Chipset
Mac OS X & Windows OS compatible (incl. "="sign with special shortcut)

Dimensions: 83mm x 135mm

Warranty: 2 years

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