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Dr Bott Digital Video Link DVI-miniDP 24" Apple

Digital Video Link allows the use of monitors with mini DisplayPort on video sources with DVI or HDMI connectors.
Dr. Bott offers Digital Video Link in two versions. The basic functionality is the same for both kits: Both support the full resolution for the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display (1920x1200) and the 720p resolution of the iMac 27" (HD-Ready). The kits each come with all the necessary content for fully supporting one display right out of the box.
Digital Video Link for Apple 24" LED Cinema Display

In this kit you'll find the cables for connecting the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display to a computer with a DVI graphics card.

The primary resolution is set to the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display (1920x1200 pixels), providing an immediate clear picture right after hooking things up, even while the computer is running.

With the following optional accessories you can also use this kit to use a 27" iMac as a display:
• A mini DisplayPort cable (m/m) in the length required i.e. art: 15280 (2m)
• For connecting HDMI sources you will need a standard HDMI-HDMI cable as well.
Plug & Play

Digital Video Link usually yields the correct image right away on the 24" Apple LED Cinema Display, no further configuration is required.

For the 27" iMac changing to 720p TV signal may be required. Especially for HDMI video sources one may need to configure the device to show a 720p video signal, this may require a TV set to handle on-screen feedback until this is completed. Some HDMI video sources allow configuration via remote control or by pressing certain buttons on the device so this step may not always require a second TV set. For computers with DVI graphics the resolution is pre-set and the iMac should show a picture without further setup.

Note that you can not use the Apple 24" Cinema Display as a 1080p display for HDMI video sources. This is because its vertical resolution is 1200 pixels and it will not display a 1080p (or 720p) video signal.
Contents of Digital Video Link
for 24" Apple LED Cinema Display:

• Digital Video Link
• Power supply
• DVI cable
• miniDP cable (f) for 24"LED Cinema Display
Video transmission
• HDCP compatible
• DVI: 1280x720 or 1920x1200 pixels, Video only
• HDMI 1.3: 720p (1280x720) - Video & Audio
• Mini DisplayPort 1.1a - Video (the 27" iMac also handles Audio)

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