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LMP batteri MacBook Pro 13" 4TB 2018, 2020

Glued to the case? Can’t repair the battery?
LMP literally “solves” this problem with the new LMP Battery MacBook Pro by not only providing the high-capacity replacement battery but also including the right solvent and a set of tools.
With these, the original battery can be removed safely and with little effort.
The solvent has been scientifically proven to dissolve the glue which is used by Apple to glue-in the battery to the case while at the same time not damaging the hardware parts when applied correctly. With the help of the included tools and replacement guide, the entire removal process is safe, cost-effective and time-saving. The high-quality LMP replacement battery can then be installed and glued to the case for optimal user satisfaction.

Solvent and tools
Although the solvent can be applied safely and has low toxic side effects, we strongly recommend that the removal process is performed by a computer technician or specialist only. It requires a fair amount of skill and knowledge about (Apple) laptop hardware as well as a proper worktop and notebook screwdrivers. Note that the required screwdrivers to open the case and remove parts inside the MacBook Pro are not included.

Replaces the original battery of the following Apple models:
MacBookPro15,2 (13", Mid 2018, Mid 2019, 4x TB3 port)
MacBookPro16,2 (13", Mid 2020, 4x TB3 port)

! An important note: We advise you to calibrate the new battery immediately after installation:

Step 1: Connect your device to a socket with a power adapter.
Step 2: Fully charge the battery. Wait until the battery indicator shows 100% before disconnecting the power adapter from the device.
Step 3: Make sure that no important files are open.
Step 4: Wait for the device to go into sleep mode.
Step 5: Leave the device in the sleep mode for at least 5 hours.
Step 6: Fully recharge the battery. Make sure that the power cord stays permanently and safely connected to the device until it is fully charged.

Even though this procedure takes some time - we recommend recalibrating batteries from time to time as this will extend the battery life.


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