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Apple Floppy Drive Auto inject

The term “auto-inject” derives from the property of the mechanism’s design whereby when a floppy disk is inserted most of the way (say, 3/4 of the way or more), the mechanism grabs and pulls the disk the rest of the way in. There is a characteristic “kerchunk” sound as the disk and holder drop vertically onto the drive motor. As shown in the first photo on this page, machines designed for auto-inject mechanisms have the narrow floppy slot that is just wide enough for the floppy disk itself. The other tell-tale sign is the mechanical emergency eject being to the right of the floppy slot and in the same horizontal plane.
All Sony OEM model numbers that i have seen to date start out with MP-F75W. I’ve personally seen three hyphened suffixes:
• MP-F75W-01G
• MP-F75W-11G
• MP-F75W-12G
All three of these were 100% mechanically and electrically interchangeable in my tests. All share part # 661-0474 to the best of my knowledge.


Begagnad diskettstation 1,44 MB Apple SuperDrive FDHD (805-0592-A) [661-0474] 625 (500 utan moms) SEK
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