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Apple Remote

The Apple Remote is a remote control made for use with Apple products with infrared capabilities released after October 2005. The device was announced by Steve Jobs on October 12, 2005. The remote is largely based on the interface of the first generation iPod Shuffle and has only six buttons. The six buttons on the remote are for Menu, Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Previous/Rewind, and Next/Fast-forward. The remote was originally designed to interact with Front Row in the iMac G5 and is also compatible with the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The Mac Mini with Apple Remote support was announced on February 26, 2006. The Apple TV also ships with and utilizes the Apple Remote.
The remote was designed to attach magnetically to the side of the late G5 and early Intel iMacs. These models integrated several hidden magnets in the bottom right corner which attract the remote's battery. This is also possible with the frame of MacBook screens. As of February 2008, the MacBook and MacBook Pro no longer include an Apple Remote in the package, though it remains compatible and available as an option. As of March 2009, the iMac and Mac Mini also no longer ship with an Apple Remote in the package.
In October 2009 the original white plastic remote was replaced with a thinner and longer aluminum version. The new aluminum remote was released along with the 27 inch aluminum iMacs and Multi-Touch Magic Mouse. It also introduced a few changes in the six-button layout. The Play/Pause button was moved out of the center of the directional buttons, placing it aside the Menu button (under the directional buttons). The symbols for the Volume Up/Down and Next/Fast-forward buttons were replaced with small dots. This was to make it more obvious that the buttons were also used to move up, down, left, and right within menus. All of the buttons became black and embossed within the aluminum. Along with the new design, the price was dropped to $19.99.
The Front Row application allows users to browse and play music, view videos (DVDs and downloaded files) and browse photos. The Apple Remote is also compatible with the iPod Hi-Fi[1] and the Universal Dock.[2] The functions for the iPod Universal Dock allow for music and media control, though the remote is not able to control the menus within the iPod. The battery is accessed by pushing a small, blunt object, such as a paper clip or a 3.5 mm headphone plug, into a tiny indent at the bottom right edge of the remote, revealing the compartment which houses the CR2032 lithium 3.0 V button cell.[3]


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