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Datorer - Begagnat (före Intel) - Macintosh Plus med väska

Macintosh Plus med väska

Announced in January 1986, the Mac Plus was the answer to complaints that the original Mac was not expandable. It doubled the ROM of the 512k from 64 kB to 128 kB, and increased the RAM to 1 MB (expandable to 4 MB). It was the first Mac to include a SCSI port, allowing for a variety of external peripherals, and was the first mac to use the now familiar platinum case color (although it initially shipped in beige). The Mac Plus originally sold for $2600, and was sold to educational markets as the Mac Plus ED.

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Begagnad 4MB RAM inkl tangentbord & mus (M0001AP) [C847QYXM0001AP] 5000 (4000 utan moms) SEK
1 i butik