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Vintage - Tillbehör Vintage - Apple 17" CRT Studio Display

Apple 17" CRT Studio Display

Parallel to the new Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White, Apple released new monitors. The original Studio Display now shipped in a new color (Blueberry) and Apple added new displays to the line. A 17" DiamondTron monitor and a 21" Trinitron display were added to the series, both shipping in Blueberry. All Studio Displays were re-designed when the Power Macintosh G4 was released. They now shipped in graphite, but their specifications did not change.

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Begagnad skärm graphite VGA Diamondtron 1600x1200@60hz minst Mac OS 8.0 (M6496) [CY9296GUGZC] 2000 (1600 utan moms) SEK
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