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Airport base station

Airport extreme technology is backward compatible. Current 802.11b cards will work with new Airport extreme base station. Old and new airport are fully compatible. Customer of old airport can take full advantage of new Airport station, except for speed. New Airport extreme card will only fit new 12" PowerBook. It does not have same form factor as current Airport card. It is included in new 17" PowerBook and a third party PC card adapter will be available on Apple Store for current PowerBook 15" users. New M8799 Airport extreme base station includes modem for dial up networking as well as an antenna port to extend its range. A third party omni directional antenna will be available on Apple Store to support this functionality. New M8930 Airport extreme base station does not include modem or antenna connection. Both base stations have a USB connector for wireless printer sharing services. Technical highlights - Up to 54Mbps mode - Up to 11Mbs mode with current 802.11b cards - 50 m range mode - 2.4GHz frequency band
- Channel 10-13 approved to be used in France
- Channel 1-13 approved to be used in rest of other countries - Product based on 802.11g specification - Wi-Fi certified 802.11b products
- 10/100BASE-T Ethernet WAN port (RJ 45
) for ADSL or cable modem - 10/100BASE T Ethernet LAN port (RJ45) for wired computers & printers - USB port for USB printers - 56K V90 modem for dialup internet connection (M8799) - External antenna connector (M8799)
- Wireless security WEP configurable for 40 bit and 128 bit encryption

Hewlett-Packard has tested the following printers with the AirPort Extreme Base station. These printers when connected appropriately (USB) will print:
HP Photosmart Printers with driver version 2.7:
• 7260
• 7460
• 7660
• 7960
• 8459
• 8150
• 325
• 375
HP all-in-one printers with drivers 6.3.4 and 7.0:
• Officejet 6110
• Officejet 6210
• Officejet 7310
• Officejet 7410
• PSC 2200
• PSC 2170
• PSC 2355
• PSC 2710
• PSC 2610
• PSC 2510
• PSC 2410
• PSC 2310
Lexmark Business Printers
USB Printing Through the AirPort Extreme Base Station
The following USB printers are compatible with the AirPort Extreme Base Station. Before connecting your USB printer to the AirPort Extreme Base Station, first connect the printer to a Macintosh computer and print a test page. Once your printer is connected to the base station, check to see that the printer is listed in the printer list in the Print Center (Applications/Utilities/Print Center).
Printing through the AirPort Extreme Base Station requires Mac OS X v10.2.3, Mac OS X v10.2.5 recommended. Check Software Update within the System Preferences for the latest updates.
If you have problems at the highest quality setting, try printing at a lower setting. Error and status messages may not be available. For example, you may not see messages such as "Out of Paper" or "Printer Busy" when the printer is connected to the AirPort Extreme Base Station. To use printer utilities, you must connect the printer directly to the Macintosh computer.
Lexmark E320, Lexmark E321, Lexmark E322, Lexmark E323, Lexmark T420, Lexmark T520, Lexmark T522, Lexmark T620, Lexmark T622, Lexmark T630, Lexmark T632, Lexmark T634, Lexmark Optra W810, Lexmark W812, Lexmark W820, Lexmark Optra Color 45, Lexmark C720, Lexmark C750, , Lexmark C910, Lexmark C912


802.11b 11Mb/s inkl modem begagnad (M8799Z/A) [M8799Z/A] 937 (750 utan moms) SEK
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