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Lagringsmedia - Hårdiskar-SATA - 3,5" Toshiba SATA Intern hårddisk

3,5" Toshiba SATA Intern hårddisk

TOSHIBA Enterprise 18TB 3.5" HDD, 512MB Cache, SATA mit 6 Gbit/s, 7200U/Min, 24x7, 3,5" internal

Big Data goes hand in hand with increased demand for distributed local and cloud storage, so enterprise server and storage systems must be based on proven solutions. Toshiba's Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive - MG Series offers up to 18 TB of formatted capacity and SATA and SAS interface options. The devices are designed for end-to-end operation, with a workload of 550 TB per year. This makes the MG series suitable for enterprise-class storage arrays and industrial server and storage systems. With its capacity and state-of-the-art technology, it meets the specific requirements of data centers and cloud-class infrastructures.

- Business-critical server and storage systems with high capacity requirements.
- Traditional enterprise storage arrays (RAID, software-defined).
- Cloud systems and hyperscalable storage systems
- Distributed file systems, Big Data
- Enterprise and cloud-class archive and data recovery systems
- Centralized surveillance data storage systems
- Industrial server and storage systems

Available Toshiba Enterprise.
18 TB / 16 TB / 14 TB / 12 TB / 10 TB / 8 TB / 6 TB / 4 TB / 2 TB / 1 TB

The MG Series offers formatted storage from 1TB to 18TB, making it ideal for hard drive solutions for enterprise server and storage systems with high storage needs.


Enterprises have an ever-increasing need for high storage capacity - and the MG Series meets it. Each model is designed for a workload of 550 TB per year, about 10 times the average desktop hard drive, and end-to-end operation.


Normal hard disk drives can degrade the performance of a multi-bay system because they emit and amplify vibration. The MG Series ensures reliable operation because this vibration effect is minimized thanks to its advanced control and sensor technology. To this end, multiple sensors detect even the slightest shocks and rotational vibrations are effectively damped. This prevents a domino effect from occurring in the first place in a multi-bay server system.


Your data is essential to your business, so don't put it at risk. Toshiba is developing new technologies to give businesses peace of mind in this regard. Thanks to the Persistent Write Cache, your data is safe even if power is interrupted while writing to the drive. They are still present in the large flash cache and will be written to the hard drive as soon as power is restored.


Toshiba's innovative Stable Platter Technology minimizes vibration by stabilizing the motor shaft at both ends. And that means improved tracking accuracy and maximum performance during read and write operations. Toshiba Dynamic Cache Technology, a self-contained cache algorithm with built-in buffer management, also optimizes cache allocation during read/write to achieve the high performance demanded by real-time domains.

high storage density.

The MG08 and MG07 series magnetic storage HDDs are helium-sealed, providing the exact capacity and storage density in a power-efficient manner that cloud and enterprise storage providers need to meet their operating cost targets. Using Toshiba's proprietary laser welding process, the MG08 and MG07 series are also sealed to eliminate helium leakage. The MG09 model comes with 18 TB and nine disks, while the MG07 series includes both a 14 TB and nine-disk model and a 12 TB and eight-disk model.


Businesses demand flexibility, and the MG Series meets that demand by offering models with either a 6 Gbps SATA interface or a 12 Gbps SAS dual interface and offering different block sizes (512e, 4Kn, 512n). In addition, Toshiba hard drives are optionally equipped with "Self Encrypting" technology or SIE (Sanitize Instant Erase), which is the ability to erase all data immediately instead of waiting hours for the hard drive to stop overwriting.


For more than 50 years, Toshiba has been known around the world for its innovation - and that includes our hard drives. Thanks to this long experience, Toshiba hard disk drives in storage systems impress with plenty of storage space and outstanding performance. And with the extended 5-year warranty that comes with the Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive - MG Series,

Warranty: 5-year

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