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Lagringsmedia - SSD - OWC Aura Pro NT MacBook Pro 13" non-Touchbar 2016 & 2017

OWC Aura Pro NT MacBook Pro 13" non-Touchbar 2016 & 2017

Your MacBook Pro’s factory SSD has served you well. But today’s apps and OS updates require more install space. Video and photo resolutions are increasing, making files bigger. By the time you toss in your music, emails, and other aspects of daily digital life, your drive is nearly full…or will be soon. You’re left with two undesirable choices: deleting older files so you don’t max out your drive’s capacity or replacing your trusty machine.
The best choice you can make to give your MacBook Pro the capacity to do more is to upgrade it with the Aura Pro NT. With up to 16x more space over factory drive options, this high-performance SSD will keep your Mac running optimally for years – at a fraction of the cost of buying a new model – while keeping all your settings just the way you like them.

Sure, you can continue to use that small capacity factory SSD by supplementing it with an external drive or cloud storage. But to do so, you’ll suffer significant performance compromises, including lower throughput, higher latency, and misplaced files. The Aura Pro NT makes your MacBook Pro work for you… not the other way around. It puts all your Lightroom catalogs, audio sample libraries, 4K video footage, and games at your fingertips for immediate access with consistently incredible performance.

The Aura Pro NT joins the broadest lineup of SSD upgrades offered for Apple laptops. Beginning with the world’s first MacBook Air SSD in 2010, the Aura name has been synonymous with innovative engineering that delivers the highest performance and reliability available today. The Aura Pro NT’s advanced flash management and SLC caching technologies continue the leadership lineage; enabling you to rip through production-level audio, design, and photography workflows, or just everyday file transfers/backups at speeds of up to 2720MB/s.

In true OWC fashion, we include installation tools and a how-to help guide, so the Aura Pro NT comes with everything you need to quickly upgrade your MacBook Pro. Do it all in just a few easy steps:
- Create a Time Machine backup of your OS and files on an external drive
- Install the Aura Pro NT into your machine
- Use Internet Recovery to install macOS
- Use Migration Assistant to transfer data from the external drive backup to the Aura Pro NT


MacBook Pro13,1 (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2016)
2.4GHz Core i7, 2.0GHz Core i5

MacBook Pro14,1 (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2017)
2.5GHz Core i7, 2.3GHz Core i5

(1) OWC Aura Pro NT SSD
(1) OWC Pentalobe P5 Screwdriver
(1) OWC Torx T5 Screwdriver
(1) OWC Guitar Pick Tool
(1) NewerTech Nylon Probe (Spudger)
(1) OWC 40MM Suction Cup
(1) Quick Start Guide

Limited Warranty: 5 years

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