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Lagringsmedia - SSD - OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD iMac 2013-

OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD iMac 2013-

OWC Aura Pro X2 240GB NVMe SSD Upgrade Solution
For select 27" and 21.5" iMac models (Late 2013 - Current)

Complete Upgrade Kit with Tools & Adhesive

Keep On Innovating
Tight deadlines, long nights, and terabytes of media – your Mac has been with you through it all. If storage is tight, there's no reason to ditch the Mac you know and love. The Aura® Pro X2 SSD gives you up to 16 times more space and the speed to keep up with your imagination today and tomorrow. Upgrade your Mac with Aura Pro X2 SSD for a fraction of the cost of a new model and keep your Mac running for years.

Blazing Fast and Super Cool
Aura Pro X2 combines speed, stamina, and efficiency that will change the way you experience your Mac. With read speeds reaching 2979MB/s and write speeds of 1219MB/s, the 240GB Aura Pro X2 is up to twice as fast as the original SSDs, delivering performance on par with the latest models. It runs cooler and consumes less power than earlier SSD models, so you can run at peak for longer than ever.

Continuous Compatibility
Aura Pro X2 is designed for the latest macOS versions (macOS High Sierra 10.13 and later), taking full advantage of the advanced features of APFS including: strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, cloning for files and directories, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals.

Please check for compatibility also the OWC website!

iMac 19,1 (27-inch Early 2019)
iMac 19,2 (21.5-inch Early 2019)
iMac 18,3 (27-inch Mid 2017)
iMac 18,2 (21.5-inch Mid 2017)
iMac 18,1 (21.5-inch Mid 2017)
iMac 15,1 (27-inch Mid 2015)
iMac 15,1 (27-inch Late 2014)
iMac 14,4 (21.5-inch Mid 2014)
iMac 14,3 (21.5-inch Late 2013)
iMac 14,2 (27-inch Late 2013)
iMac 14,1 (21.5-inch Late 2013)
NOT compatible with iMac Late 2015 (17,1 / 16,1 / 16,2)

data transfer rate:
read up to: 2979MB/s
write up to: 1219MB/s

Kits Include
• (1) Aura Pro X2 SSD
• (2) OWC 2-1/4" Suction Cup Blue
• (1) OWC Torx T10S Driver
• (1) OWC Torx T8S Driver
• (1) OWC Torx T5 Driver
• (1) OWC Phillips PH00 Driver
• (1) OWC Torx T25 Hex Key
• (1) NewerTech Pry Tool
• (1) OWC iMac Cutting Wheel for Display
• (1) OWC Blue Microfiber Screen Cleaning Wipe
• (1) Apple iMac A1418 21.5" Display Tape Set
• (1) Apple iMac A1419 27" Display Tape Set

Limited Warranty: 5 years

Note: Aura Pro X2 SSDs can only be installed in 21.5-inch iMac models that came with a factory-installed SSD or Fusion drive

Please note that the Aura Pro X series of SSDs not only require the use of macOS 10.13 High Sierra (or later) as the installed OS, but the host computer itself must be upgraded to 10.13 before the Aura Pro X drive is installed. This operating system contains an EFI firmware update which adds host support for these drives. If the host computer was running 10.12.6 or earlier prior to installing the OS, the Aura Pro X drives will not work as expected.

In addition, please note that unformatted drives may not initially appear in the 10.13 Disk Utility.

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240GB (kräver Mac OS X 10.13), ej Late 2015 (OWCS3DAPT4MA02K) [OWCS3DAPT4MA02K] 1746 (1396 utan moms) SEK
2 i distanslager
480GB (kräver Mac OS X 10.13), ej Late 2015 (OWCS3DAPT4MA05K) [OWCS3DAPT4MA05K] 2195 (1756 utan moms) SEK
1 i butik
1TB (kräver Mac OS X 10.13), ej Late 2015 (OWCS3DAPT4MA10K) [OWCS3DAPT4MA10K] 2995 (2396 utan moms) SEK
8 i distanslager
2TB (kräver Mac OS X 10.13), ej Late 2015 (OWCS3DAPT4MA20K) [OWCS3DAPT4MA20K] 5995 (4796 utan moms) SEK
3 i distanslager