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OWC Aura SSD Mac Pro 2013-

8x More Capacity:
For the first time, upgrade the 2013 Mac Pro internal SSD and gain up to eight times the factory-installed capacity.

Innovative and Dependable:
OWC Aura SSD for Mac Pro is the only SSD upgrade solution engineered specifically for your Mac Pro. Industry leading controller technologies deliver time-tested longevity and degradation free performance. OWC is dedicated to bringing even higher capacities and enhanced performance to your Mac Pro in the future.

Up to 2TB of capacity with up to 726MB/s sustained speeds.

read: up to 730MB/s,
write: up to 698MB/s.

Weight: 95 grams
Height: 89mm
Width: 83mm
Depth: 20mm

Warranty: 3 years

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1TB 730/698MB/s (OWCSSDA13MP1.0K) [OWCSSDA13MP1.0K] 13500 (10800 utan moms) SEK
3 i distanslager
2TB 730/698MB/s (OWCSSDA13MP2.0K) [OWCSSDA13MP2.0K] 19423 (15539 utan moms) SEK
3 i distanslager
4TB 730/698MB/s (OWCSSDA13MP4.0K) [OWCSSDA13MP4.0K] 30255 (24204 utan moms) SEK