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OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD for MacBook Air 2010 & 2011


DRIVE ONLY, no tools or enclosure included

OWC's Aura Pro SSD provides up to nearly 8x the capacity over factory SSDs while offering Faster Performance vs. Factory Options.
Get 3G speeds with 2010 MacBook Air

- More SPEED get up to 275MB/s...68% faster than factory.*
- More STORAGE get up to nearly 8x more capacity!**
- More OPTIONS choose from 120GB, 240GB or 480GB models.

Get 6G speeds with 2011 MacBook Air

- More SPEED get up to 507MB/s...3x faster than factory.***
- More STORAGE get STORAGE up to nearly 8x more capacity!**
- More OPTIONS choose from 120GB, 240GB or 480GB models.

240GB (= 256GB Total MLC Flash) 7% OP - 6G Sync High-Perform.

The Aura Pro SSD line features industry leading SandForce DuraClass Technologies:

- DuraWrite extends the endurance of your Solid State Drive (SSD).
- Intelligent Block Management & Wear Leveling automatically distributes data evenly across the entire SSD.
- Intelligent Read Disturb Management spreads the active read/write across the flash components eliminating data corruption caused by constant use.
- Intelligent "Recycling" for advanced free space management gradually re-writes data across the SSD over time to ensure data never gets corrupted.
- RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) protects the data on your drive similar to having a RAID setup.
- Best-in-Class ECC Protection for longest data retention and drive life.

Once again, OWC provides Mac users an upgrade path that delivers higher performance, functionality, and reliability! Whether you own or are considering a 2010 or 2011 base model MacBook Air with a 64GB Solid State Drive or the top of the line 13″ model with a 256GB SSD, OWC's Aura Pro SSD offers higher speed than the factory SSD. Get up to 275MB/s speeds and up to 8X more storage capacity than factory options with your 2010 MacBook. And get up to 507MB/s speeds and up to 8x more storage capacity than factory options with your 2011 MacBook Air!

Aura Pro 6G

- One of the fastest internal SSD available...and built in the USA!
- Ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling
- OWC Free Install Videos make it easy to upgrade!
- 3 year OWC warranty

And unlike the factory pre-configured models with no other SSD choices offered. Now thanks to OWC and the Aura Pro SSD line, you can buy the MacBook Air you want today and enjoy the flexibility of upgrading for higher performance when you need it.

Better by Design
"Mean Time To Failure" - We all know that nothing lasts forever. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get the most out of your investment. OWC SSD with DuraWrite Technology, optimizes writes to the flash memory over conventional controllers increasing the overall endurance and reliability of the complete SSD. Highly intelligent block management and wear leveling also extends the overall endurance. With this technology, even MLC-based SSDs can operate for years in demanding use applications without daily write restrictions. This adds up to a MTTF that is higher than most enterprise class hard drives and SSDs on the market today.

Additionally, as there are no volatile memory elements in this storage device, the need for cache is completely negated. The drive is just that fast from the get-go!

*According to a benchmark test by See benchmark tab for more details.
**OWC SSD Maximum total flash capacity 512GB before 7% overprovisioning with 480GB actual usable capacity compared to Apple 64GB Flash option for 11.1" model.
***Random 4K write data rates of 57.56 for OWC SSD vs 18.49 for Apple factory stock SSD.

Note: The Aura Pro 6G SSD achieves 6G speeds with compatible 2011 MacBooks and 3G speeds with 2010 MacBooks.

Artikelnummer: OWC-MBAIR10-240G
Garanti: 3 års garanti
Kompatibla OEM #: OWCSSDAP116G240
Tillverkarens artikelnr: OWCSSDAP116G240


Apple MacBook Air (11, 13.3" 2011 Mid) Core i5
Apple MacBook Air (11.6" 2010 October) 1.86 GHz
Apple MacBook Air (13.3" 2010 October) 1.86 GHz


240GB 3 års garanti (OWCSSDAP116G240) [OWCSSDAP116G240] 2083 (1667 utan moms) SEK
480GB 3 års garanti (OWCSSDAP116G480) [OWCSSDAP116G480] 2735 (2188 utan moms) SEK
1 i distanslager
960GB 3 års garanti 507/ (OWCSSDA116G960) [OWCSSDA116G960] 5553 (4442 utan moms) SEK
4 i distanslager