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Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt SSD

Buffalo Technology’s MiniStation Thunderbolt™ Portable SSD offers amazing speed with an extremely fast Thunderbolt™ connection and Solid State Drive - all in a lightweight and compact aluminum body. 

MiniStation Thunderbolt™ connection “Read” performance can reach above 370MB/s and “Write” performance above 250MB/s. The Thunderbolt™ (10 GBps) interface is twice as fast as USB 3.0.
Apple friendly
The MiniStation Thunderbolt™ Portable SSD can be formatted to support both PC and Mac® making it a great portable storage solution for any device. Native Compatibility with Mac OS X Time Machine also makes it an ideal solution for backup with Mac computers.

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128GB + USB3.0 (HD-PA128TU3S-EU ) [R340987 ] 3113 (2491 utan moms) SEK
256GB + USB3.0 (HD-PA256TU3S-EU ) [R340988 ] 4591 (3673 utan moms) SEK