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Begagnat - Mac äldre Intel - MacBook 13" 2,26GHz Core 2 Duo late 2009

MacBook 13" 2,26GHz Core 2 Duo late 2009

Introduced in October 2009, the MacBook (Late 2009) was a significant improvement on the MacBook (Mid 2009) that it replaced. It included a redesigned polycarbonate unibody case with a rubberized anti-skid bottom, an LED-backlit screen, a glass multi-touch trackpad, and a longer-performaing built-in battery. Notably absent were firewire or dedicated audio input, which had both been present in every polycarbonate MacBook since its initial release. The MacBook (Late 2009) kept the previous models $999 price point, with a 2.26 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a 250 GB hard drive. It was replaced in May 2010 by the MacBook (Mid 2010).

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Begagnad 4GB 8500 minne, 160GB HD DVD, 13 laddcykler, laddare tillkommer 3000 (2400 utan moms) SEK
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